The main task of merchandise products for the company, despite various psychological and motivational activities, is its practical purpose, usefulness in the eyes of the employee.

The difficulty lies in the fact that the employee should want to use this “something” with corporate symbols, instead of a similar one, previously purchased by himself of his choice.

Managers think that if to order a cup with corporate symbols, everyone will use it. We hasten to disappoint you: it depends on the volume and shape of the cup, from what material and how comfortable the handle is, whether a colleague will love it or put it in a box with other tasteless gifts received at past corporate parties.

The same disappointment awaits you if you decide to give a notebook (aka organizer or planner). First, many modern people have switched to planners on the smartphone. And those who are still loyal to paper planners prefer to select it on their own. After all, there are also many important details: thickness, content (functionality), cover, paper used and even brand.

For all sorts of Parker pens in the basic configuration with an engraving a company logo and “workaholic soldering” in the form of a whiskey check with individual sticker, we are generally silent. It’s boring and old.

But giving a reusable water bottle is not at all a crust.

UZSPACE sports flasks for water are the best kind of storage in the world. Now allow to explain why:

unlike analogues made of soft plastic and with a spout (bicycle bottles), which are offered by most advertising companies – UZSPACE does not smell like plastic and silicone from the inside. The body is made of Tritan material – the safest and most environmentally friendly copolyester in the world, safe for children and adults, with an unlimited service life, which is why we give a lifetime warranty for the body and half a year for the lid, we guarantee exchange in case of breakage or cracks;

the body does not break. There are many crash test videos of these bottles on Youtube, for example one of them;

on average, each person should drink 2-3 liters of water per day, excluding other drinks and regardless of lifestyle. According to statistics, 79% of people who started using personal reusable beverage containers use it regularly throughout their lives. And 96% started drinking 2 times more water than before.

Therefore, once giving a bottle of water as a New Year’s gifts to employees, you show that you care about each of them.

and here’s some more statistics: each office worker spends 24 minutes a day going to the cooler in the kitchen or in the lobby. That’s 105 hours a year or a whole 2 working weeks of wasted time. By saving working time on such walks with a glass, the management also saves the company money.

Let’s not forget about a noble mission: our planet is drowning in the millions of tons of plastic generated every day by humanity. By giving up water in disposable plastic bottles, each of us creates 40 kilograms less plastic waste per year.

After making sure that the UZSPACE bottle is the best option for a corporate gift for employees, you need to talk about how the order and cooperation will take place:

  1. Selection of bottles from the catalog (frosted and u-type series available for customization) – 30 minutes.
  2. Coordination of technical specifications for applying information on the bottle: you will need the source of the print data in curves and the desired placement dimensions (this is prepared by your or our designer). The minimum area is 30 * 6 mm on any side of the body without restrictions on the maximum size, but not more than the area of the bulb itself. If there are difficulties in this, our designer will help – 2 hours;
  3. Negotiation of the price of the order batch, signing the contract and payment of an advance payment of 50%- 1 day;
  4. Printing a logo on bottles, sending the result, paying for the second part – 1-4 weeks;
  5. Sending by any carrier convenient for you – 1 day.

Thus, in order to have time to present corporate gifts to employees for the company’s anniversary , for example, you should start production 4 weeks before the event.

Below you will find answers to the most important questions:

How long does the applied logo on the bottle?

When applying a company logo to a bottle, American UV equipment and dry ink, so the image will last on the product long enough. However, in order to avoid unpresentable products, we do not recommend scratching the pattern with a knife or nails.

Can I use multiple colors in the logo?

Yes. Many of our clients practice multi-color design.

What is the minimum order bottles with an individual logo?

Minimum quantity 100 pieces. However, if you only want a bottle with an unnamed company logo trade mark “uzspace”, the minimum order is 500 pieces of one model / color. In this case, the due date is 60-90 days. If we have convinced you that the UZSPACE bottle is the most original keepsake gift for an employee , leave a request in the form below or just call us on the phone: +380935117744.