Water bottle Uzspace Wasser Glossy 500ml 6006

Volume: 500 ml
Dimensions (mm): 235 * 66 * 66
Weight: 146g
Material Type: Tritan USA
Type of seals: hypoallergenic silicone Germany
Warranty: Lifetime on the case and 180 days on the cover

Stylish bottle for drinks UZSPACE Wasser Glossy 500 ml

The exclusive UZSPACE bottle in the new Wasser series looks stylish thanks to its lightweight body and ergonomic shape. The 350 ml volume will be convenient for children. At the same time, a restrained color scheme dominates. Everything is the way you like!
The UZSPACE Wasser premium bottle is made in a glossy case, the hourglass shape is very comfortable for children's hands.
Made from environmentally friendly copolyester Tritan Eastman ™, does not contain BPA (as evidenced by the inscription on the BPA free case) and other harmful elements
The material is shock-resistant, so it is not afraid of various loads. A child may accidentally drop the bottle to the ground and the body will remain intact, will not crack or leak.
The function of the "safe lid" due to the additional lock will protect the drink from spilling in a bag or backpack.
Another unique advantage is the mechanism for opening the bottle on a button with a special spring, which allows you to use it with one hand in any, even in the most inconvenient situation.
The mouthpiece is protected by a secure lid, thanks to which the UZSPACE Wasser bottle remains hygienically clean for a long time, preventing bacteria from entering the oral cavity
Soft silicone seals and stoppers prevent leakage and keep things clean
The set includes a strainer, thanks to which you can brew tea with fruit and mint. And when used, tea leaves will not fall into the oral cavity. And the child will always have a fresh, and most importantly natural drink with him
The wide mouth opening is very convenient for refilling water and cleaning the bottle.
A sturdy nylon strap will help you quickly and easily get the bottle out of your bag. And the release system allows you to hang the bottle, for example, on a backpack

Some interesting facts about UZSPACE bottles

The flask can withstand temperature loads from -5 to +96 ©. That is why you can freeze the water before going to the sea in summer, or vice versa, treat yourself to hot drinks.
An amazing property of tritan is that plastic does not absorb odors, which is why you can use UZSPACE not only for drinking water, but also for any other drinks, cocktails
According to the international classification of plastic recycling, Tritan belongs to the class ♹ - other. This category includes: polycarbonate, tritan, nylon, as well as the material of the future - bioplastic

Model, 500 ml, is likely to appeal to children between the ages of 10 to 16 years old and the girls involved in fitness . Such a volume has a fairly modest size (235 * 66 mm), thus it fits perfectly into the bottle compartment in a backpack or bag.

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