Eco water bottle Uzspace U-type – Tritan 350ml 6017

Volume: 350 ml
Dimensions (mm): 182 * 66 * 66
Weight: 135g
Material Type: Tritan USA
Type of seals: hypoallergenic silicone Germany
Warranty: Lifetime on the case and 180 days on the cover

UZSPACE school water bottle 350 ml

The newest collection of UZSPACE U-type series bottles is made in a lightweight glossy case, which is best suited for hiking in the mountains, traveling to other cities and countries, doing sports, just for every day to school and work - for children and adults. When choosing the optimal container for water for yourself or for a gift, you should know some important features.
Unlike the brighter matte Frosted bottles, the U-type models are more easily soiled and not as scratch-resistant, however, there are exceptionally stylish colors in the assortment that perfectly hide any scratches that may appear over time.
The stylish relief of the bottle itself resembles military flasks and is considered the standard of practicality and convenience for daily use.
Made from environmentally friendly copolyester Tritan Eastman ™, does not contain BPA (as evidenced by the inscription on the BPA free case) and other harmful elements
It is not afraid of falls, shocks and any other loads, therefore you can easily subject the bottle to any tests - the case will not crack or leak
Convenient lock over the button to prevent the bottle from opening in a backpack or bag. Simple yet convenient mechanism protects against unwanted opening, no matter how you put the bottle
Automatic opening lid on a push-button with a special spring, making UZSPACE the only bottle that is easy to use with one hand
The mouthpiece is protected by a secure lid, thanks to which the UZSPACE bottle retains its hygienic cleanliness for a long time, preventing bacteria from entering the oral cavity
Reliable leakage protection thanks to soft silicone seals and plugs
The set includes a strainer, thanks to which water can be mixed with lemon, mint, fruit or brewed into tea, so that when you consume the drink, the tea leaves will not enter the oral cavity
Wide mouth for refilling water and cleaning the bottle when needed
Sturdy, non-removable nylon strap with metal ring for attaching to a backpack or bag paired with a snap hook.

Some interesting facts about UZSPACE bottles

The flask can withstand temperature loads from -5 to +96 ©. That is why you can freeze the water before going to the sea in summer, or vice versa, treat yourself to hot drinks.
An amazing property of tritan is that plastic does not absorb odors, which is why you can use UZSPACE not only for drinking water, but also for any other drinks, cocktails
According to the international classification of plastic recycling, Tritan belongs to the class ♹ - other. This category includes polycarbonate, tritan, nylon, as well as the material of the future - bioplastic

The model, with a volume of 350 ml, is best suited for children under the age of 10 for school and children’s karate, football or dance sections. Such a bottle will perfectly fit in a school bag or a small backpack and will slightly increase the weight of the portfolio on the back. The dimensions of the flask are just 169 * 66 mm, and the weight is only 109 grams. This diameter is compatible with most bike carriers.

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