Kids water bottle Uzspace Go Fish-Tritan 320ml 3039

Volume: 320 ml
Dimensions (mm): 213 * 66 * 66
Weight: 124g
Material Type: Tritan USA
Type of seals: hypoallergenic silicone Germany
Warranty: Lifetime on the case and 180 days on the cover

UZSPACE Go Fish Baby Drinking Bottle with Straw and Strap 320 ml 3039

The safe and convenient UZSPACE Go Fish bottle is made in a comfortable matte case and is equipped with a neck or shoulder strap. Such a solution will be convenient not only for the child, but also for the mother with daily use.
Unlike many other baby bottles, Go Fish models look bright and attractive, which arouses interest in the child and encourages constant drinking.
Made from environmentally friendly copolyester Tritan Eastman ™, does not contain BPA (as evidenced by the inscription on the BPA free case) and other harmful elements. As safe as glass and as shockproof as metal.
It is not afraid of falls, bumps and any other loads, therefore you can easily expose the bottle to any tests - the case will not crack and will not leak
A special opening lid on the rotary valve and a retractable tube made of dense food-grade silicone, making UZSPACE the only bottle that is easy to use even for a small child - the best choice for kindergarten and for every day
The tube is protected by a reliable lid, thanks to which the UZSPACE bottle retains its hygienic cleanliness for a long time, preventing bacteria from entering the oral cavity
Reliable leakage protection thanks to soft silicone seals and plugs
Wide opening for replenishing water and cleaning the bottle when needed. The bottle does not have a strainer in the kit, therefore, if the availability of this accessory is important for you, we recommend choosing between the Frosted, Diamond and others series.
Sturdy, detachable nylon strap, comfortable for everyday wear. With it, you can easily carry a bottle over your shoulder or on a stroller
The presence of divisions on the bottle for measuring the remainder of the drink or calculating the ratio of the mixture

Some interesting facts about UZSPACE bottles

The flask can withstand temperature loads from -5 to +96 ©. That is why you can freeze the water before going to the sea in summer, or vice versa, treat yourself to hot drinks.
An amazing property of tritan is that plastic does not absorb odors, which is why you can use UZSPACE not only for drinking water, but also for any other drinks, cocktails
According to the international classification of plastic recycling, Tritan belongs to the class ♹ - other. This category includes: polycarbonate, tritan, nylon, as well as the material of the future - bioplastic

A bottle for water, compote or juice  will appeal to children aged from 6 months to 5 years . The volume of 320-350 ml will be enough for the daily activities of the child and has a comfortable size – only 213 * 66 mm, so it fits perfectly into the bottle compartment in a backpack or bag.

The straw has a tough pull, that is perfect for small kids and do not cause chokes. Contact us to get wholesales terms on kids water bottles on reasonable conditions with DDP any country in Europe.