In recent years, the concept of co-branding and collaboration in clothing fashion theme received a wide spread. The most striking example is Supreme, which is being a purely urban brand, creates capsule clothing collections with the most famous brands Nike, The North Face, Levi’s, Channel, YSV and many others. Such collaborations allow brands to enter new niches for markets itself and become closer to specific audiences.

Simple application of the brand name on the flask is an exchange target audiences, which is ultimately beneficial for everyone: expensive brands become more accessible without prejudice to their main audience, brands middle and low price range get the opportunity to increase their value in the eyes of more paying consumers.

The topic of circular economy and smart consumption of goods now it is not just a trend, it has become relevant everywhere. In developed countries it is a shame to use disposable plastic bags and bottles unnecessarily, food manufacturers actively switch to biodegradable packaging, clothing and electronics factories invest hundreds of millions of dollars in secondary overproduction and non-waste. This trend is slow but actively moving to the countries of Eastern Europe.

That means the use of eco-trends in your business will be very useful in marketing.

Our company sells water bottles from ecologically pure copolyester Tritan – the safest material of the 21st century. We have all the tools for putting your logo next to the UZSPACE brand, thus forming “green” collaborations. AND minimum batches of 100 units allow you to test yourself in a new niche without significant investment of time and money for the purchase.

Unique advantages in working with UZSPACE bottles:

– UZSPACE are not just reusable plastic flasks, but environmentally friendly, not toxic product;

– we undertake the full cycle of preparation of possible collaborations: from the selection of colors and volumes for the right audience, to design and posting the information you requested;

– we work only with the best UV printing contractors on round surfaces with expensive professional equipment;

– we train sales personnel in the technique of selling goods, provide advice on merchandising and product group zoning, which we know best.

Below you will find answers to the most important questions:

How long does the logo on the bottle last?

On average, the company logo on the bottle is durable, since we we use American UV equipment and dry ink. However, we do not recommend scratching the application with a knife and nails, the expected will be confirmed.

Can I use multiple colors in the logo?

Yes. Many of our clients practice multi-color design.

What is the minimum order for bottles with individual logo?

Minimum quantity 100 pcs. However, if you want a bottle exclusively with the logo of the company without the trademark name “uzspace”, in this case the minimum order will be 500 pcs of one model / color and the time frame is 60-90 days.

If we have convinced you that the UZSPACE is reliable partner in modern marketing – leave a request in the form below or simply call us on the phone: +38268808025.