In the field of personal food and water containers, the twentieth century was marked by the widespread use of beautiful yet fragile glassware. Such material is familiar and pleasant to everyone, but fragile, and therefore, in an era of constant movement, it is not practical and is losing its popularity. In the modern dynamic world, it is much more convenient to use plastic dishes for storage and transportation, at the same time not simple, but made of shock-resistant and environmentally friendly material – Tritan (by Eastman).

Copolyester material, extremely durable and resistant to deformation in its properties, has passed scientific tests and rightfully earned the title of one of the best materials for use even in the household and medical industry. In the production of kitchenware, Tritan has become popular and used in the world since 2000.

By analogy with glass, Tritan cookware is shiny or matte, absolutely harmless to health. It does not absorb odors and colors, and does not affect the taste of the poured drink in any way.

Practical tests: even after 2,000 cycles, Tritan cookware retains its original shine and transparency. For comparison: crystal of the highest grade loses its luster after a thousand cycles.

However, not all plastic bottles are environmentally friendly. The vast majority of food grade plastic bottles contain a minimum of Bisphenol-A (BPA), which are harmful to the body. Therefore, it is not recommended to heat ordinary bottles to temperatures above 70 ° C. Bottles made from tritan do not contain Bisphenol-A, as evidenced by the label on the “BPA free” packaging, therefore, drinks can be poured into such containers at temperatures up to 96 ° C.

UZSPACE company offers a wide selection of bottles for all occasions and subdivides all models into several series:

  • Frosted
  • U-type
  • Diamond
  • Wasser
  • Go Fish

Frosted UZSPACE series – the simplest and most practical series, has gained wide popularity among sportsmen around the world, thanks to its features:

  • matte case, resistant to scratches and wear;
  • light weight – the best choice for children, women and camping;
  • bright colors conducive to an active lifestyle.

U-type series is the best choice for everyday use, because despite its durable properties, it is made in casual style with tarnish colors and will suit anyone due to its features:

  • glossy body;
  • light weight – the best choice for children, women and people, who are not used to wear heavy gadgets;
  • small strap for easy carry out.

Diamond Series – a stylish bottle resembling a thermos – the best option for those who are going to use the UZSPACE bottle for hot drinks due to its features:

  • silicone seal around the entire perimeter of the bottle;
  • transparent windows to determine the remaining liquid;
  • detachable strap.

Wasser Series is a boutique series of bottles in casual style, characterized by small volumes (350, 500 and 750 ml) and a characteristic urban style.

It symbolises big city everyday rush like a sports activity.

Go Fish is a children’s series for children aged 6 months to 5 years. Features:

  • delicate colors;
  • small volumes of 270 and 350 ml;
  • the presence of a tube of dense hypoallergenic silicone to the very bottom;
  • comfortable handles or strap.

Without exception, all bottles have identical properties:

  • environmentally friendly anti-plastic Tritan;
  • automatic opening cover;
  • protection of the mouthpiece from dirt and bacteria, that is very actual for today.
  • latch from accidental opening in the bag;
  • shockproof housing;
  • the presence of a strainer to protect against the ingress of fruit or tea brew when consuming drinks (optional).